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How I take notes and study for maths

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Studying for maths isn't always the most fun thing but if you get into it, the faster and better it'll be, here is everything you need to know:

Video to study productively from home

Make sure to also check out my YouTube videos sharing with you How to take maths notes and study productively from home!!


1. Plan

Make a plan, I always work better when I have written down a plan so that I keep on track and always know what I can be doing.

2. Use Colour

Colour just makes everything better! It helps your notes stand out, look neater and more fun which will make you enjoy taking your notes more and if your a visual learner will really help them stick in your head.

3. Make mistakes

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, you can only learn from your mistakes. If you are worried about messing up your notes, use erasable pens and my favorite, whiteout!

4. Textbook

The textbook is a great place to find notes, revise, get extra questions to practise and generally teachers write tests based on the content in the textbook so I definitely recommend using it.

5. Eddy Woo

Eddy Woo is an Australian maths teacher here in Sydney and he films his maths classes and posts videos on youtube so I would definitely check him out if you need revision or don't understand a topic. Or just maths youtube videos in general, there's heaps out there but make sure it is correct.

6. Calculator

Having a good calculator is so important I recommend using the Casio FX82AU/ES Plus II, obviously depending on how old you are and what stage maths your doing you might not need a calculator, personally at the maths level I'm doing we need a calculator.

7. Topics

Know what topics you have to study for and all the little subtopics within that.

8. Work with a friend

Something that can be super helpful and encouraging is to work with your friends, although make sure that you work with people who are at a similar level in maths to you and have the same goals. (also don't get distracted talking)

9. Reference Sheet

If you are given a reference sheet (kinda like a cheat sheet with formulas that is given to you on the tests, but you don't know what the formulas are for). Make sure to go through and find out what each formula you need is on it. Ask your teacher to see what your reference sheet is going to be.

10. Teach Yourself

I find it really helpful and to reteach myself everything, this helps jog your memory and reminds you of stuff you learnt before and makes you understand it a lot more. You could also teach others like your friends or siblings.


"Life is a math equation in order to gain the most, you have to know how to convert negatives into positives"

Study hard

B xx

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