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How to memorise an essay

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

It can be hard to write an entire essay in such a short amount of time so if you know the theme and questionish that there going to ask you can almost memorise an entire essay or at least the layout and quotes. But memorising can be hard so here is all the best ways to remember your essay!

Edit it

When perfecting and editing your essay you are actually memorising a lot because you are looking more closely at every specific line to try and see what you can change.


Write a quizlet flash card for every paragraph of your essay and then do the spelling activity, this means that it will test your spelling on each one until every letter of the paragraph is spelt perfectly.


It is easy to remember a song and the lyrics, and if your like me and always have a song stuck in your head, why not make the lyrics to that song literally just your entire essay.

Trigger Words

It's harder for me to remember the different order of my paragraphs particularly in a discursive text so I like to have trigger words and in each paragraph that I recognise refers to that paragraph and then use the other techniques listed to remember the order.

Listen to yourself

Teens listen to heaps of music on the bus, and this is the perfect opportunity to put in some head phones and listen to a video of yourself saying the essay. You can also listen to a recording of your voice reading the essay while your going to sleep.

Draw a picture

For me drawing a picture actually was super effective because I am a visual learner so I made up a serious of drawings in an order so that I could remember my long writing piece.

Practise Test

Actually test yourself, you'd be surprised how much your brain actually remembers, put on a timer and try to write out your whole response. This can also let you see after when your marking and comparing your essay to your practise test what parts you need to remember most.

Sticky Notes

Literally just stick sticky notes everywhere! You could put them on your mirror where you brush your teeth, next to the toilet, next to your bed.


This one is bit more extreme haha but change the password on your phone to the option custom alphanumeric code, and then make your password a quote or part of your essay you can't remember. But be careful cause you don't want to get locked out!


I love to just highlight what I'm trying to remember, you can use different colours for different things but this is such an easy and fast technique.

"A picture is worth a thousand words, but a memory is priceless"

Remember you got this



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