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Tips and tricks for Duke of Ed Camp

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Sometimes you are given the opportunity to challenge, grow and test yourself and Duke of Edinburgh is definitely one of these chances. Duke of Ed Camp expedition definitely takes time and dedication, I found it tough but overall like all camps eye-opening and something I will never forget. If you are doing it remember to really experience it and have a good attitude towards everything! To help you out I got together a list of all tips you need to survive (no I'm totally kidding it's not that hard but I do recommend all these things)

1. Food

For the expedition you have to organised your own meals, this can be a yay cause camp food is normally gross but in my experience was annoying. You need to make sure that the meals you choose to do has food that is light to carry, especially if you're hiking like me, the food also needs to be high in energy cause let me tell you your going to regret only packing junk food. A few suggestions are porridge sachets, up and go's, soup packets, pasta and fresh fruit.

2. Stick together

Always stay with a buddy to stop you from getting lost, help you and if anything goes wrong like someone gets hurt the other can get help.

3. Heavy stuff at top

Put heavy stuff at the top of your backpack cause if its at the bottom it will weigh your back and make you slouch, this is important cause you will be carrying your bag for a long time.

4. Toilet Torch Tent

If you go to the toilet in the night leave your torch on inside your tent so you can see the light and don't accidentally walk into someone else's tents when you come back, especially if like on my camp and the tents are all the exact same.

5. Good shoes

Bring really good shoes especially if your hiking because it's a really long walk and otherwise you'll get really bad blisters and you definitely don't want this. I recommend joggers or hiking boots but make sure they can get dirty and you've worn them in.

6. Hand Sanitizer

Let me remind you that this expedition takes place in the middle of the bush and there is nowhere to wash your hands, which will be very dirty so make sure you bring hand sanitizer. I recommend getting a clip on hand sanitizer to clip to your back pack, because it's hard to wash your hands.

7. Trail mix

A great snack to have while your hiking is some trail mix and this something that is super easy to personalize and make, make sure you pack nutritious well balanced food and not just sugar.

Pack your trail mix in a separate bag for each day so that you don't eat it all on one day and you can fit a small bag in your pocket each day.

8. Dry Shampoo

When you've been out in the wild wearing a hat and sleeping in a tent with no shower your hair can get pretty gross. A travel size dry shampoo is quite light and small and will allow you a little bit of luxury.

9. Pack Light

I'm not even kidding this is so important literally only pack what you REALLY NEED remember it's not that long.

10. Positive

No one likes a complainer, I can't say I didn't complain but it doesn't make it more enjoyable for you or anyone and can be really annoying for everyone else. Stay positive, you chose to do Duke of Ed it was optional so now you just need to embrace it and look on the bright side.

"do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail"

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Enjoy sleeping under the stars

and good luck !!!


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