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Never get bored with friends at home!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Are you ever hesitant to invite your friends to hang out at your house because your worried you might get bored and it'll be awkward cause you 'don't have anything to do'? Don't worry I totally feel you and so I made a list of things to do with your friends at your house!

pamper(nails, face mask eg.)

Have some fun and pamper with your friends this is something chill to 'do' with your friends, put on some music, gossip over some magazines and snack while doing something like a face mask or your nails. TIP do spin the bottle nail polish -put nail polishes in a circle and a bottle in the middle, spin the bottle and paint your nail whatever color the bottle points at, continue for the rest of your nails to make a hilarious and unique set of nails!

board games and card games

It might sound old fashion but board games and card games can be heaps of fun and one of my favorite things to do with friends. Different games allow you to be competitive, chill, work with friends, strategic, lucky or whatever depending on different games.


Baking can be heaps of fun, a great way to work together put on some fun music to jam to and do some baking! Best of all you get to eat whatever you made!


Take the pet for a walk or even just go on a walk, you might want to walk somewhere near your house like a river, park, shops, the beach, a cafe, another one of your mutual friends houses. This is a great chance to show a friend who isn't from your area about where you live!


You might not like having your friends over to your house because your family especially siblings will annoy you. Now it's time to get your revenge aha. Watch youtube videos for some ideas or even have some fun coming up with your own. Remember though don't be to mean, but if you know your target will take it well have some fun seeing their pranked faces!


Sometimes I feel like as a teenager growing up in the 21st century we forget to have fun outside; play sports like basketball, soccer, table tennis, bike riding, jump on the trampoline, handball or anything you have where you live even if it's just two of you, you can play games like netball master

outdoor games

This might seem childish and your friends might not instantly seem keen but personally I love outdoor yard games and they bring back great primary school memories. Some of my favorites are good old hide and seek, tip, cops and robbers, capture the flag, flashlight and more!

write your own secret language

In primary school me and my friends always were making up our own weird languages these have never gone very far or worked for me but are still super fun!

write a funny rap

Come up with a funny rap full of inside jokes and stuff, this is super fun to come up with and every time you rap it you will be bound to burst into laughter even if the lyrics aren't good but just from watching your friend rapping! This is one of my favorite and I definitely recommend it!

water activities(water balloon fights, slip+slide, pool)

In summer even if you don't have a pool or anything you can have a heap of fun with water activities like a water balloon fight, water gun fight, slip and slide, running under the sprinkler going in the pool or one of my favorite childhood memories putting detergent on the slide and trampoline!

truth or dare

Truth or dare is so fun! If your not bothered you can even just play truth or truth but be warned this can get pretty juicy! There are also apps you can use if you can't think up any good dares or questions!

Inside joke dictionary

Make a list/dictionary of all the inside joke words you say and there origin and what they mean, me and my friends have a huge list of all the things that we always say in notes on my phone and this is so funny to look back on and you can always add to it!

Make up a BFF secret handshake

This is so fun too and such a throwback to all the fun stuff that everyone used to do in primary school!

"a person with friends will never get bored"

Be you xx


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