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Christmas Wish List Ideas 2020

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Christmas is CoMInG!!!! Time to start writing your Wish list, if your like me you want so much stuff all year round but then never know what to put on your wish list so here are some ideas for 2020!!


Victoria Secret body mists


These smell amazing, I love them so much and have two in my locker at school right now, so I always smell good, they are an affordable way to wear perfume and have cute packaging and there's also the PINK ones!!

Palmer's Lip Butter


This is one of my favorite lip balms and I always have it in my pocket everywhere I go. It's super nice and glossy for a butter and is just a nice basic and super affordable!

Frank Body Lip balm


This is a more expensive option for a lip balm and although I've never personally tried it yet it's definitely on my wish list, and my friends really like it!

Mini Gucci Roller Perfume


This is so cute and an affordable way to have Gucci! It's also the perfect size for your handbag/school bag so that you always smell nice!

EcoTan Face Tan Water


This is such a good tan for your face and neck, it doesn't have to dry or anything and is my favourite tanning product I've ever used, I definitely recommend.

Bondi Sands Tanning Moisturiser


This is the best product ever for anyone who needs a bit extra help with their tan ;) it gives you a lovely glowing tan all year round while looking nice and natural.

Heated Eyelash Curler


I have never even really heard of this or tried it out but it seems pretty cool and I thought you might also want to check it out!


Assembly label jumper


Assembly label has good quality comfy jumpers, they are basic and a bit more on the pricey side for a jumper but personally I really want one.

Bucket Hats


I haven't been able to stop wearing my bucket hat, they are so comfy and go with every outfit. They are an absolute must on your wish list for an Aussie Christmas.

Peter Alexander Pj's


Peter Alexander pajamas are so cute and especially their signature navy silk set, I got these in the winter versions for my b-day this year and the fabric is so soft and silky I definitely recommend for a bouji pj set!

Custom Air forces


Air forces are obviously super popular but now that everyone has the same shoe it can be a bit boring, these custom ones are super cute and you get have really unique shoes and are bound to get heaps of compliments.

Roller Skates


I've actually got 2 pairs of these because I love them so much and I wanted them again when I grew out of my first pair, I definitely recommend them if you've never roller skated before because its so fun and these have a super cool vibe!

Beachy Cloth Overalls


These are so cute, soft, light and comfy and perfect to wear over a bikini this summer. These are super popular rn and sold in many shops.

Fun Socks


Ok funky socks are so fun and perfect gift for anyone and although they are basic stocking stuffers you can also personalise them with things that relate to you!


Wonderboom Speaker


The Wonderboom is a great little portable speaker so you can jam out this summer and my favorite part is that its waterproof, I love being able to hang out by the pool with it.

Disposable Camera


Recently it's been super popular to use disposable camera's. They are a fun way to really enjoy the picture taking process and is a lot more exciting than a normal photo.

HP Sprocket Printer


This is so cute and is a little photo printer that prints out any photo from your phone into a little picture similar to an instax pic.

Google Home Mini


My brother has a google home mini and it is so handy I definitely want one. You can play music, ask it questions and its perfect little google home for your bedroom.

Karaoke Microphone


This is so much fun and a great laugh with your friends to take to a sleepover, one of my friends brought this to camp last year and it was so much fun!

Casetify Cases


On the more pricey end of phone cases are these super good quality millatary grade cases from Casetify, while still having cute designs.


Purevida jewellery


Purevida is a super cute, beachy, chill online jewelry store that I definitely have on my wish list. They have all sorts of jewellery and I definitely recommend checking it out.

Custom Name Necklace


This is so cute and feels so special being personalized. This is probs going to be at the top of my wishlist!

Tiffany Heart Tag Necklace


This necklace is so fancy I love Tiffany and Co. and have the matching earrings to this necklace, and think it is just so classy and perfect for everyone.

Mejuri Floating Star Necklace


If your like me and really want a dainty, cute and trendy little necklace but that's really good quality for you to wear everyday then this is perfect although it is on the pricey side.

Room Decor

Jewelry Organizer Mirror


This is perfect to organize all your jewelry creatively while not taking up all your space by being disguised as a mirror!! I've wanted one of these for like 5 years but have't actually got yet so hopefully 2020 will be the year haha!

Macrame Hanging Chair


This is so cute and go with all vibes and aesthetics and is a cool chair to have in your room or balcony, me and my friends all have these (and all though none of us actually have them hanging up yet) we love them.

TikTok Strip Lights


These strips of LED lights are super popular right now from TikTok and I think they are super cool. You can get some just at Kmart and they come with a little remote to change the colour, they also come in 3m and 5m.

Himalayan Salt Lamp


These lamps not only are super cute room decor and give off a pinky reddish glow but also claim to have many benefits like allergy relief, improved mood and energy, and reduced air pollution.

Namastay In Bed Poster


This simple, cute poster is a way to take up some space on your walls and perfect for your BEDroom because it inspires you to chill in your bed!

Trinket Tray


This is such a cute and minimal trinket tray, I love little trays like this because there perfect room decor but also super practical to put coins, crystals, jewellery, lollies and make any of your junk look organised and cute!

Bath and Body Works X-mas Candle


Bath and body works have the BEST candles they are so nicely packaged and smell soo good! For Christmas they actually come out with a limited edition Christmas collection and there candles are a go to for my wishlist!

Everything else (lol)

'Game of Phones' Card Game


This card game looks so fun and as a Gen Zer my friends are always on their phones and this is a fun way to play a game and be on your phone and there's also an offline version with less cards to play when offline too!

Dot Point Journal


I love my bullet journal so much and use it to aesthetically bullet journal. Typo has lots of cute journals and note books with this cool dot point paper.

Personalised Light Weight Towel


In summer I am always low on towels and these personalised towels are super cute, extra fancy (and also mean that you siblings can't always steal them). There also the perfect gift for a friend and come in a few different colours, they also super light and small so that you don't have to carry around a huge towel always.

Shoulder purse


I love everything at Colette Hayman but this bag is such a cute basic, the colour goes with everything and is simple and practical with the cross body strap and just the right size for hanging out. It is also super affordable!

2ks Underarm Bag


These little 2000's inspired underarm bags are so cute and the perfect size for your basic everyday items; phone, purse etc.

Hydroflask Coffee Cup


I got this for Christmas last year and literally use everyday, it is perfect for hot chocolate, tea and coffee keeping your drinks nice and hot but also perfect little drink bottle for water too, keeping it nice and cold! It is a cheaper option due to its size than the other hydro flasks.

Satin Eye Mask


This is so soft, silky and will make sure you have the best night's sleep. It's such a cute stocking stuffer and perfect for any age!

2021 Diary


Christmas is just before New Years so a 2021 diary is great! These are obviously everywhere but this super cute one is from sportsgirl! I also really recommend the Twigseeds diarys each year they are so cute

"Christmas isn't about what's under the tree but whats around it"


Merry Christmas


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