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Best Jewellery Brands

Jewellery is like the icing on the cake of your beauty, but I often struggle to find cute, affordable and good quality jewellery. So I made a list of all the best jewellery brands that you can get in Australia (all either are Aussie or ship here!) and are SOOOO cute and also great affordability and quality!

:::::: cheap side :::::::

Starlite Village

This online jewellery brand by influencer Hannah Meloche, is super cute with affordable prices and although based in the USA, it ships to Australia!

Stella and Luna

This brand not only has amazing dainty and gorgeous jewellery but 100% of their profit goes to 2 shelters in the LA area to help support the horrible issue of domestic violence and again ship worldwide!!!!!!!

Pura Vida

This brand is so fun, all the designs are beachy, colourful, perfect for all ages and absolutely gorgeous! Best known for there relaxed bracelets, they now have also created a charity collection and over the last few years have donated over 3.3 million dollars!!


This jewellery is SUPER affordable and got a huge range of cute stuff!

Colette Hayman

Again super cheap and adorable with not only jewellery but great accessories too!


Although not entirely being a jewellery store, Decjuba has the absolute cutest and dainty jewellery items.

:::::::: more expensive side :::::::


This brand is adorable with gorgeous silver and gold pieces and dainty crystals and jewels!


This brand best known for their charm bracelets is beautiful with all their jewellery crafted sustainably!

Baby Anything

Every piece is designed and sustainably made in Australia. Although this is super expensive with basically everything over $100.


Very dainty, fine pieces that can be worn at any occasion

Alana Maria

This Sydney Australia brand is dainty, minimal, beachy and all handcrafted.

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