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Beauty hacks you must know

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Here are all the best beauty hacks you NEED to know and are soo helpful! These are life changers, hopefully they can help you out too!

  • toothbrush for eyebrow brush

  • use Vaseline for eyebrow gel

  • hairspray bobby pins to help them stay in place

  • use a hair straightener to get out crinkles in clothes

  • use lemon juice to give your hair highlights

  • use lemon and vinegar to remove nail polish

  • nail polish remover to whiten shoes

  • hair dry your eye lash curler so that the warm curler will make your eyelashes look so much better

  • if your to impatient for your self tan to dry spray your skin with a hairdryer on the cold setting

  • hide a grown out manicure by putting creating a glitter ombre design

  • use cold green tea bags under your eyes to reduce under eye bags

"beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself" -Coco Channel

Stay your own beautiful

B xx

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